Contact Your Client Companion – Why to Buy

These are the main three reasons why to consider Contact Your Client Companion as your CRM:

    1. Very simple to use without sacrificing functionality
    2. Unique set of tools designed for sales, marketing, and telemarketing
    3. Price Performance Leader

Now let’s explore in detail each one of these reasons:

1. Very simple to use without sacrificing functionality–without expensive add-ons. Some of the main CRM features include:

  • Contact & Account Management. Allows you to quickly find contacts or accounts, schedule call-backs (with reminders), and record all history–nothing slips through the cracks.all-inclusive-320
  • Telemarketing. Includes scripts manager, responses, lead finder, and auto-dialer to provide all the necessary tools to handle an internal telemarketing campaign.
  • Document Management. Link and save unlimited documents within the program.  PDF, Word, Excel and other major document types are supported. Saves time jumping from program to program and helps you keep your documents connected to your accounts
  • Quick Email System. You can send unlimited e-mails to one or many contacts as part of the integrated basic outbound e-mail system.

2. Unique Power Business Builder Tools.  Includes many features that are incredibly valuable to a small business, but are not even available anywhere as a stand-alone application.

  • unique-business-builder-320Powerful De-dupe Capabilities. Field by field comparison and one-click duplicate checker.  Allows you to define multiple combinations and set up one-click, color-coded comparisons to ensure there are no double entries.
  • Virtual Contacts. Your private contact groups can be posted to the cloud with a single click to enable remote access when out of the office. You or your agents can update the remote data and it can be easily synced with the main program later.
  • Business Lead Finder. Find business leads on any industry thanks to the integrated finder. Find by city, county, state and zip code.
  • Virtual Desktop Manager. Like your Windows Desktop on steroids. Manage all your applications, files, folders images, etc. Include and search by title and description.
  • SMS Messages. Communicate with your prospects and clients by sending text and voice messages to their smartphones (requires a Twilio account.)

3. Price Performance Leader. Contact Your Client Companion is much less than the combined applications it replaces.  Benefits include:


  • Flexible payment options. Available as a license (with an available purchase option) or monthly access–whatever option works best for you.
  • No Add-Ons Required. You are not charged for separate add-ons (like several popular CRM “engines”.)
  • No support fees for basic needs.
  • Try it for free. You have a full 30 days to take it for a test run–no cost, no obligation–you have nothing to lose. Plus, there are numerous video tutorials that help you to understand most of the features.

All of this with a “no-menu” interface to speed access to basic or power features.

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