Contact Your Client Companion – Features & Benefits

Following are the main features and benefits for Contact Your Client Companion:

Main Feature Categories

    • Multi-featured CRM. Including task and reminder calendar, telemarketing system, import-export, document linking, powerful contact dedupe and compare, unlimited groups, etc.
    • Quick email. Ability to send quick e-mails directly from Contact Your Client Companion.
    • Power Business Builder.  Extras to make your business run smoothly including label maker, postcard creator, business lead finder, QR code creator, virtual contacts, and virtual desktop manager.
    • Desktop use. Contact Your Client Companion runs on your desktop. You get an extremely fast response and increased security–versus an older and slower browser web-based system.

Sales Tools

    • Contact & Account Management. Allows you to quickly find contacts or accounts, schedule call-backs (with reminders), and record all history–nothing slips through the cracks.
    • Telemarketing. Includes scripts manager, responses, lead finder, and an autodialer to provide all the necessary tools to handle an internal telemarketing campaign.
    • Document Management. Link and save unlimited documents within the program.  PDF, Word, Excel and other major document types are supported. Saves time jumping from program to program and helps you keep your documents connected to your accounts.

Power Business Builder Tools

    • Powerful De-dupe Capabilities. Field by field comparison and one-click duplicate checker.  Allows you to define multiple combinations and set up one-click, color-coded comparisons to ensure there are no double entries.
    • Virtual Contacts. Your private contact groups can be posted to the cloud with a single click to enable remote access when out of the office. You or your agents can update the remote data and it can be easily synced with the main program later.
    • Instant Messenger System. Like a private messaging system for your local agents (on your network) and to send /receive messages from other remote parties (outside your network.) Includes, snippets for ease entries, shortcuts, and powerful find.
    • Structured Fields Maps. Create your own sets of fields with one click ideal when your needs vary on the type of contact like when you belong to several telemarketing or MLM programs.