Following are testimonials for Contact Your Client: 

“…The only software I use for my business…” – Dr. Issac G.

“…With Contact Your Client I haven’t needed
to buy any other software for my business.” – Steve H.

“…I saved money by doing my marketing
inside Contact Your Client.” – Robert M.

“…I don’t need to use web-based e-mail anymore…” – George W.

“I love the ability to charge the credit cards
of my clients inside your program.” – Phil H.

“…sending invoices by e-mail saves me an hour every day…” – Robert M.

“…I own Contact Your Client for a fraction
of the annual cost of my previous CRM.” – Dr. Issac G.

“…every day I discover a new useful tool inside my software.” – John T.

Contact Your Client

  • "I been using Contact Your Client for the longest time with excellent results and specifically CRM Business Companion for certain employees that work from home calling prospects"

    Dr. Issac Morhaim Natural Products, LLC
  • In these tough economic times, we must all tighten our belts. Without your CRM software, my business would have shut down a long time ago. The software's unique tools allow a single person to be as productive as five, representing enormous savings in my operating costs. For many years, I've searched for software that would unite two worlds that are critical for any business: invoicing and sales/marketing. The only product out there doing this is your CRM software, which makes it so unique and powerful for business owners like me.

    Dr. Issac G. Morhaim Morhaim Pharmalab
  • THE ONLY SOFTWARE I USE. Before using Contact Your Client, I needed to use at least four applications to do the work I do now.CBM is everything they say and more.. fast, flexible and powerful. I recommended it for any kind of business.

    Steven Hoffman Virtual Card