Contact Your Client Companion – Overview


Contact Your Client Companion is specifically designed for individuals, usually working from home, that sale, make calls or are remote parties of a company.

There are three main reasons to consider Contact Your Client Companion:

  1. Very simple to use without sacrificing functionality
  2. Unique set of tools designed for sales, marketing, and telemarketing
  3. Price Performance Leader


  • Same Needs – Smaller Budget. Remote workers, mom and pop businesses and individuals all have very specific needs with an emphasis on ease-of-use, speed, and essential capabilities –but they don’t have a big budget.
  • Dreaded Double Entry. Without integrated applications, your customer details are split between your CRM, helpdesk, marketing, and email.
  • Forced Internet. Not every small business has continuous Internet, and even when they do, the typical browser-based CRM apps can run excruciatingly slow, can go offline, and there can be security concerns. If anything–you should have options.

Wouldn’t it be nice, if you could have a full-featured but simple CRM, that runs fast and secure on your desktop, with the tools your need to run your business–all at a price within reach? Perhaps it is time to consider…


Contact Your Client Companion is an easy-to-use entry-level CRM, that runs fast and secure on your desktop, with unlimited contact capacity, Task Calendar, Business Lead Finder, Telemarketing,  Single click dialing, Basic Outbound E-mail, Texting  (SMS) and Voice system (with Twilio), Instant Messenger, vCards Import / Export, Virtual Contacts Online, Unlimited One-Click-Groups, Import/Export – Data de-duping, Document Management, everything you need to run your business–all at a price within reach.